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Rye FordRye FordManhattan Motorcars Porsche Service CenterManhattan Motorcars PorsCustom Service ContractsCustom Service ContractsDocument Management ServicesDocument Management ServCopier Leasing ServicesCopier Leasing ServicesHair Transplant SurgeryHair Transplant SurgeryHair Restoration in NYCHair Restoration in NYCDiscount for all new customersDiscount for all new cusDiscount for all new customersDiscount for all new cusProfessional Gynecological Services DiscountProfessional GynecologicPark Avenue Smiles DiscountPark Avenue Smiles DiscoDiscount for new patients 10%Discount for new patientExam with xray & consultation $65Exam with xray & consultDental Mouth Guards for Kids and TeensDental Mouth Guards for Pediatric Dental EmergenciesPediatric Dental EmergenDental Cleaning for Kids and TeensDental Cleaning for KidsWrist Injection with floroscopy $390.48Wrist Injection with Knee injection with ultrasound $430.56Knee injection with ultrNew Consult $567.00 New Consult $567.00 Tooth Extraction in Downtown Manhattan, NYCTooth Extraction in DownDental Bridge Dentist in Lower Manhattan, Downtown NYCDental Bridge Dentist inDental Implants in Downtown Manhattan, NYCDental Implants in DowntDental Surgery in Downtown Manhattan, NYCDental Surgery in DowntoDental Veneers in Lower Manhattan, Downtown NYCDental Veneers in Lower 200$ Teeth Cleaning200$ Teeth Cleaning250$ - to 1500$ Dental Veneers250$ - to 1500$ Dental V100$ - to 400$ Dental Bonding100$ - to 400$ Dental Bo$450 - Zoom Whitening$450 - Zoom Whitening $545 - Tooth extraction $545 - Tooth extraction $1100 - Dental implant (Free consultation) $1100 - Dental implant Dental CrownsDental CrownsTooth ExtractionsTooth ExtractionsExam with xray & consultationExam with xray & consultEND YOUR LEASE TODAYEND YOUR LEASE TODAYFRIENDLY AND EXPERIENCED LEASE TERMINATION SERVICESFRIENDLY AND EXPERIENCEDLEASE TERMINATION GUIDANCE AND SUPPORTLEASE TERMINATION GUIDANLEASE TERMINATION IN NEW YORKLEASE TERMINATION IN NEWEARLY LEASE TERMINATION IN NEW YORKEARLY LEASE TERMINATION HELP WITH A LEASE TERMINATION IN NYHELP WITH A LEASE TERMINLEASE TERMINATION WITH CAR LEASE BROOKLYN ONLINELEASE TERMINATION WITH CLEASE TERMINATION IN NEW YORKLEASE TERMINATION IN NEWNEW YORK LEASE TERMINATION SUPPORTNEW YORK LEASE TERMINATINYC LEASE TERMINATION AND GUIDANCENYC LEASE TERMINATION ANHOW TO TERMINATE YOUR LEASE IN NYHOW TO TERMINATE YOUR LELEASE TERMINATION IN NYLEASE TERMINATION IN NYNYC LEASE TERMINATION ASSISTANCENYC LEASE TERMINATION ASLEASE TRANSFER SERVICES IN NYC AND NJLEASE TRANSFER SERVICES LEASE RETURNS IN NEW YORK LEASE RETURNS IN NEW YORMil-Aero Solutions, Inc.Mil-Aero Solutions, Inc.Neck LiftNeck LiftFacelift SurgeryFacelift SurgeryRhinoplastyRhinoplastyConsultation - $600Consultation - $600Consultation - $350Consultation - $350Laser Tattoo Removal in NYCLaser Tattoo Removal in Laser Hair Removal NYCLaser Hair Removal NYCMen`s Sexual HealthMen`s Sexual HealthConsultation - $600Consultation - $600Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection in NYCLumbar Epidural Steroid Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection in NYCCervical Epidural SteroiMinimally Invasive Spine Surgery in NYCMinimally Invasive SpineEthnic Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Surgery in NYC & NJEthnic Rhinoplasty (NoseOtoplastyOtoplastyNEW PATIENT SPECIAL - $199NEW PATIENT SPECIAL - $1CONSULTATION + X-RAY - $75CONSULTATION + X-RAY - $Ambulatory Phlebotomy from Varicose Vein Treatments Center NYAmbulatory Phlebotomy frEndovenous laser ablationEndovenous laser ablatioLaser Therapy for Spider Veins from Varicose Vein Treatments Center NYLaser Therapy for SpiderVENASEALVENASEALLaser Therapy for Spider Veins from Varicose Vein Treatments Center NYLaser Therapy for SpiderEndovenous Radiofrequency Ablation from Varicose Vein Treatments CenterEndovenous RadiofrequencSclerotherapy for Spider Veins from Varicose Vein Treatments CenterSclerotherapy for SpiderSclerotherapy for Varicose Veins from Varicose Vein Treatments CenterSclerotherapy for VaricoUlcer Treatment from Varicose Vein Treatments CenterUlcer Treatment from VarLaser Therapy for Spider Veins from Varicose Vein Treatments CenterLaser Therapy for SpiderQuickBooks ProAdvisor In Queens And Manhattan NYCQuickBooks ProAdvisor InPension Audits, Pension Accounting In NYCPension Audits, Pension DUE DILIGENCE CONSULTINGDUE DILIGENCE CONSULTINGNON-RESIDENT TAX RETURNNON-RESIDENT TAX RETURNGLASS CANOPYGLASS CANOPYStorefront Design and Installation in New York & New JerseyStorefront Design and InPrimary CarePrimary CareManagement of Chronic DiseaseManagement of Chronic DiWeight ManagementWeight ManagementBone DensityBone DensityImmunization and VaccinationImmunization and VaccinaPrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis)PrEP (pre-exposure prophPre-surgical, Pre-operative ClearancePre-surgical, Pre-operatRapid Flu and Strep TestRapid Flu and Strep TestWomen`s HealthWomen`s HealthMen`s HealthMen`s HealthHeart Screening and Stroke ScreeningHeart Screening and StroRadiance No Sweat SolutionRadiance No Sweat SolutiSexually Transmitted Diseases TestingSexually Transmitted DisCancer ScreeningCancer ScreeningAnnual Exam and Physical ExamsAnnual Exam and PhysicalPrimary CarePrimary CareFLORIDA ROOM, SUN ROOMFLORIDA ROOM, SUN ROOMGLASS DOOR INSTALLATION, ALUMINUM & FRAMELESS DOORS FABRICATIONGLASS DOOR INSTALLATION,METAL WALL PANELS, ALUMINUM WALL CURTAINSMETAL WALL PANELS, ALUMIStrategic Financial PlanningStrategic Financial PlanSMALL BUSINESS ACCOUNTINGSMALL BUSINESS ACCOUNTINTAX PREPARATIONTAX PREPARATIONLease TransferLease TransferExit Your LeaseExit Your LeaseCar Lease FinancingCar Lease FinancingSELLING YOUR CAR FOR CASHSELLING YOUR CAR FOR CASFracture RehabilitationFracture RehabilitationConsultation is $450Consultation is $450Anual exam - $60Anual exam - $60OBGYN consultation - $60OBGYN consultation - $60Pregnancy testing - FreePregnancy testing - FreeAnual exam - $60Anual exam - $60OBGYN consultation - $60OBGYN consultation - $60Pregnancy testing - FreePregnancy testing - FreeConsultation - $600Consultation - $600Ru486 (Abortion Pill)- $450 Ru486 (Abortion Pill)- $Abortion $400 (05-12 WEEKS) - $2500 (22 WEEKS)Abortion $400 (05-12 WEEAbortion Pill - $350Abortion Pill - $350Anual exam - $70Anual exam - $70GYN consultation - $70GYN consultation - $70Zoom Whitening - $450Zoom Whitening - $450Tooth extraction - $545Tooth extraction - $545Dental implant - $1100 (Free consultation)Dental implant - $1100 (Physical Therapy for HandsPhysical Therapy for Han$450 - office visit, consultation$450 - office visit, conSoft Tissue Graft - 1875$Soft Tissue Graft - 1875Crown Lightening - 1475$Crown Lightening - 1475$Ossio Surgery - 2100$Ossio Surgery - 2100$Sinus Lift - 3695$Sinus Lift - 3695$Bone Graft - 885Bone Graft - 885Periodontal Exam - $225Periodontal Exam - $225Tooth extraction - 600$Tooth extraction - 600$Dental Implants: $1575Dental Implants: $1575Initial office visit with PCP is $175.00Initial office visit witEKG $35.00EKG $35.00Periodontal Exam - $225Periodontal Exam - $225Tooth extraction - $600Tooth extraction - $600Dental Implant - $2400Dental Implant - $2400Three-unit bridge - from $1,100 to $6,000Three-unit bridge - fromDental Implants -from $1000 to $4000Dental Implants -from $1Dental Bridge - from $500 to $1000 Dental Bridge - from $50Three-unit bridge - from $1,100 to $6,000Three-unit bridge - fromDental Implants -from $1000 to $4000Dental Implants -from $1Dental Bridge - from $500 to $1000 Dental Bridge - from $50$195 - exam, consultation, teeth cleaning and panoramic x-ray$195 - exam, consultatioTeeth Cleaning- from 200$Teeth Cleaning- from 200Dental Veneers - from 250$ - to 1500$Dental Veneers - from 25Dental Bonding - from 100$ - to 400$Dental Bonding - from 10Immigration exam/forms $375.00Immigration exam/forms $Chiropractic consultation with treatment if necessary is $150Chiropractic consultatioCharge 250 for consultationCharge 250 for consultatAnesthesia for SPINE procedures $350.00Anesthesia for SPINE proThoracic ESI $1835.67Thoracic ESI $1835.67Cervical ESI $1835.67Cervical ESI $1835.67Consultation - $350Consultation - $350Consultation - $600Consultation - $600Teeth Whitening: $199 Take home custom trays or in-office treatmentTeeth Whitening: $199 TaOrthodontic Savings: $800 OFF - Any Invisalign or Orthodontic Orthodontic Savings: $80Dental VeneersDental VeneersFull Mouth ImplantsFull Mouth ImplantsTeeth CleaningTeeth Cleaning24 hour Holter monitor - $50024 hour Holter monitor -Carotid Ultrasound - $600Carotid Ultrasound - $60Resting Echocardiogram - $965Resting Echocardiogram -Screening package (includes 1-4 above) - $2195Screening package (incluConsultation - $400Consultation - $400Exercise Echocardiogram (includes consultation) - $1230Exercise Echocardiogram Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) - $90Electrocardiogram (EKG oComprehensive Screening package (includes 1-5 plus calcium score) - $2895Comprehensive Screening Weight Loss and Weight Management $250 (monthly)Weight Loss and Weight MFiller $600 (per once ciringe)Filler $600 (per once ciThreat Lift $3000 (per procedure)Threat Lift $3000 (per pNeural therapy $250 (per session)Neural therapy $250 (perProlozone $250 (per joint)Prolozone $250 (per joinSwaddling WrapsSwaddling WrapsIPhone apps developmentIPhone apps developmentAndroid Apps DevelopmentAndroid Apps DevelopmentSMA Equities is a real estate investment firm that develops, owns and manages a diverse group of properties around the country. From prewar buildings on the Lower East Side of New York City, featuring residential units and grade level retail, to gigantic mixed-use complexes in Texas and some other southern states, the firm has been building, renovating and improving assets for over 30 years. FoundReal Estate Services

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