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When it comes to protecting your interests, you need a small business consultant from a firm that understands your goals. Professional accountants provide you with the financial information you need prior to signing any type of personal or business contract. This service is called due diligence consulting. It’s a process of evaluation that a NYC CPA firm can perform for your business.

According to the dictionary, the term “due diligence” means “reasonable care” or “required carefulness” in general use. It evolved into a legal and business term after the Securities Act of 1933, where the term used is “reasonable investigation.” Included in the Act is Section 11, the “due diligence defense,” which brokers or dealers could use if accused of failing to disclose important information about the purchase of certain securities for their clients.

For business and legal use, the term began to be used for the process itself, rather than the protection it provided. “Due diligence investigations” became “due diligence.” It’s now a service, Due Diligence Consulting performed for the protection of clients, as well as their brokers or representatives in court.

There are several different types of due diligence, and many of them can be adapted to fit different situations that you may encounter during the process of acquiring something of value — from property to companies. These techniques can be used for tax-related investigations as well. For example, due diligence can include:

-Examining the target of a possible acquisition, merger or privatization for the buyer — although it can take the form of “reverse due diligence,” where the company being bought investigates the buyer

- Investigating important matters that may occur in the future

- Answering tough questions like how much to pay for a business, how to buy it and how to structure the acquisition

- Investigating the existing policies and practices of a business

- Helping you make an acquisition decision based on the principles of shareholder value analysis and valuation — which evaluates a business’s worth from its stockholder returns

Civil litigation is another area in which due diligence pays dividends. Investigations need to be performed to determine the facts in each situation, without relying upon the statements of the parties involved. If you’re involved in civil litigation, the investigations need to be impartial and thorough, so that all relevant information is disclosed.

Due diligence consulting also may require review of public records or a physical inspection if the dispute involves property. Once all of the pertinent information has been obtained by both sides in a civil dispute, it becomes a matter of analyzing the facts and making a decision based on those facts.

Working Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm;
Saturday, Sunday: Closed
Payment: cash, check, credit cards.

Miller & Company LLP
Midtown Manhattan, NY
274 Madison Ave, Suite 402,
New York, NY 10016
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