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Why cookies?

“Yesterday I was looking for a fun city trip. Today I stumbled upon an offer for a weekend to Paris. Long story short, the advertisement is being adjusted to my interests at that moment.“

This following explanation of cookies has been composed in conjunction with concerned parties and has been discussed with supervisor.

To offer more services when visiting websites, most websites use cookies. Cookies help collect information making websites easier to use. Cookies can for example have you logged in permanently on a website or remember your preferences (example: location and language settings). Besides, they keep track of your digital shopping cart when shopping online. Also, the website owners can see how much visitors they get by using cookies. Additionally, some cookies are able to track down your surfing behaviour. In this manner, websites and advertisers will get to know some things about your preferences and show advertisements that are more relevant. Advertisements are in most cases necessary to finance the website. Thanks to cookies, they are adjusted to your own interests as much as possible.

Cookies will be saved to your computer and you can delete them at any desired moment. This is very simple. Click on one of the icons below and you will be taken directly to the manual of your browser. Keep in mind that after deleting cookies, some websites may have to set up your preferences again, or you have to log in again.


Important: Using cookies is safe. Email and telemarketing actions are not the result of cookies. Cookies will not save your email address or phone number and no profile be built with the help of cookie.

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