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Organic Cotton Mart Bags Fredericksburg

Organic Cotton Mart

3310 Bourbon St 3310
22408 Fredericksburg

County: Spotsylvania, Virginia

Telephone:7039... Show phone number725600 Could you reach the company? Yes No

Industry: Bags

Company description

Organic Cotton Mart is an online retailer of 100% certified organic cotton products. Our mission is to help reduce the widespread use of plastic and disposable packaging. We think it is important to encourage people to use products made from sustainable resources. We believe that the planet will benefit from more people adopting the minimalist lifestyle and reducing the amount of waste they generate. The first step is to start using reusable http://homeandstuff.net/reusable-vegetable-bags-three-reasons-why-you-need-them-now/ and eco-friendly products like the ones we offer. Our cotton bags have certainly been making a difference on that front. We have several best-selling cotton bags that a growing number of people prefer to use for their shopping needs. These bags include a range of cotton bags, grocery bags, mesh bags, vegetable and fruit bags, tote bags, shopping bags, and pouches. Did we mention that these are sturdy bags that will withstand plenty of usages? Well, they are. And they also happen to be washable, which is a very helpful feature if you are going to be using them often. Furthermore, they are environment friendly. You will also like our swaddle blankets. They are available in gender-neutral designs, so you don't need to buy separate ones for boys and girls. The blankets are large, soft to touch, and don't contain any harmful chemicals or dyes. The swaddles are made in India from locally grown cotton. According to many of our satisfied customers, babies seem to relax instantly when wrapped in the breathable fabric. You can use them not just for swaddling your baby but also as nursing covers. For more information about our excellent and organic cotton products, please visit https://www.organiccottonmart.com/ & https://www.organiccottonmart.com/products/organic-cotton-mesh-produce-bags.



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