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When you are searching for a job, you can usually apply for dozens of positions - all for free. However, if an employer wants to post a vacancy on a website, they will usually have to pay a fee. Sometimes a job poster will even have to pay a monthly fee. 

Our website wants to make the job search process easier for both applicants and employers. This is why our job website allows employers to post ads for company vacancies  free of charge. As always, applicants looking for work can contact employers and post resumes for free. 

If you still need reasons to trust our job search website, this article will give you five reasons why our site is a trusted employee recruiter aid for American companies. 

1) Because Many Americans Are Still Looking For Work

According to recent statistics, 6.7 percent of people are still unemployed. While most experts agree that the Great Recession is largely over, there are still a sizable number of workers who are feeling the effects of it. If you use our job site to search for new employees, you could be doing your part to revitalize our country's workforce. 

2) Job Seekers Can Not Search for Specific Companies

Since people looking for jobs will only be able to search by job title, this can give our website's users more options when it comes to finding work. This is great news for small business owners who may not be on the radar of many job seekers. 

3) We're Easily Found on Google

Anyone looking to find a job can do a simple search on Google and find our website. When more job seekers learn about our website, more potential applicants will see your company's ads and send you their resumes. 

4) Employers Are Not Allowed to Place Paid Advertising on Our Job Website

We don't allow employers to buy advertising because we want every business to have an equal opportunity to get interest from job seekers. The benefits of posting free help wanted ads are diminished if some businesses get more exposure, so this is why we don't do let business owners have an unfair advantage. 

5) Posting an Ad For a Job Opening is Completely Free

Employers will never have to pay anything out of pocket to post an ad. Other websites not only charge businesses to post an initial advertisement, but they pay additional fees if they need to renew the ad due to the job not being filled. On our job listing website, your ad will stay up for as long as you like. No cash ever comes from your hands to ours. 

Contact us if you have any questions about our site's operations or policies. We'll be more than glad to help. 

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