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Facial Reconstructive Surgery

Facial reconstructive surgery is often necessary to restore function and the framework of facial features. To ensure that facial appearance is also restored, it requires the expertise of a skilled facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Gary Linkov. City Facial Plastics, located in Midtown, Manhattan, offers exceptional facial reconstructive surgery for those who have suffered damage to their facial tissues.

What Is Facial Reconstructive Surgery?

Facial reconstructive surgery employs the latest facial surgical techniques and technology to rebuild that which has been altered over time or poorly formed from the beginning. Children and adults may be candidates for cosmetic facial reconstruction surgery. Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery shares some similarities with facial cosmetic surgery in that the goal with any facial repair is to maintain ideal aesthetic principles whenever possible. Though, with this type of surgery, the emphasis is on rebuilding lost function first and foremost.

The face holds the power to influence how we perceive ourselves and how others view us. Not only does the face play a role in how we look but also in the way we see, eat, breath, feel, and express ourselves. Various conditions can alter the face, such as: congenital defects, trauma, infection, inflammation, cancer, burns. Many people choose to have facial reconstructive surgery to correct the effects of these conditions, in order to lift their spirit and re-engage in basic human functions.]

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Facial Reconstructive Surgery



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