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Foundation Damage Repair or Foundation Replacement? Which One Should I Go For?

Foundation Damage Repair or Foundation Replacement? Which One Should I Go For?

Considering the importance of the foundation of a house, everyone wants to choose the best solution in case of any damage. You might have also gotten stuck between the foundation damage repair and foundation replacement. If that is the case, you need not worry about it. Here is everything that you need to know to make the best decision.

The main difference between the two

As indicated by their names, foundation repair means to repair the old damaged foundation, whereas foundation replacement means to replace the whole foundation with a new foundation.

Now, both of these solutions have their own plus and minus. But one is better than the other in most cases. Which one is better? That you will surely come to know at the end of this article.

How does foundation replacement take place?

So, foundation replacement is a very long, lengthy, and tiring process. It includes lifting the house on temporary supports, which is both difficult and dangerous at the same time. Little negligence might ramshackle your whole house.

How is foundation damage repair done?

Foundation repair is a relatively easier process. Though it too requires a lot of critical steps, it is way safer than foundation replacement. First, a problem-oriented survey is undergone. Professionals take a deep and thorough look into the foundation of your house. They look for the possible reasons for the disastrous outcomes and make plans to work on them. Once the survey is done, experts perform certified solutions to overcome the problem.

Benefits of both solutions

Here is a list of the benefits of going for foundation damage repair or foundation replacement.

Foundation repair - affordable, less time consuming

On the one hand, foundation replacement requires heavy-duty equipment, and being at a much more tiring task; workers will also demand a lot higher rates. On the other hand, foundation repair is done in a concise time. It hardly takes a day or two to repair most of the foundation damages. With much less cost and a concise time, foundation repair becomes preferable over foundation replacement in many cases.

Foundation repair - problem-oriented solution

Besides being beneficial monetarily and concerning time, foundation repair is useful on a structural basis. With foundation replacement, you will be replacing the whole foundation that might keep the problem untouched. The deep-rooted problem can reoccur at any time, leading to even worse situations. Whereas with foundation repair, you will be eliminating the problem from the roots.

Foundation replacement - the only solution for some major problems

Though you might get attracted to the benefits of foundation repair, you should always consider the foundation of your house first. Following are a few cases that require foundation replacement only and foundation repair services in Marietta would do no good at all.

  • A severe earthquake cracking the foundation
  • A flood causing soil erosion
  • Splitting of foundation slab
  • The better option

Finally, looking at the above discussion, we can conclude that foundation damage repair is the better solution until your foundation is not facing significant issues.

Foundation Damage Repair or Foundation Replacement? Which One Should I Go For?



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