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Tooth Infection Treatment, Wisdom Tooth & Root Canal Infection

What is Tooth Infection?

An infection in your tooth is every bit as serious as an infection anywhere in your body. Untreated, a tooth infection can lead to serious consequences, not the least of which is losing the tooth. When you visit your Stanford dentists for routine oral care, you reduce the chances of developing an infection by allowing your dentist to catch problems early.But when you do suffer from the pain and irritation that comes with a tooth infection, the team at CT Stamford dental has solutions, including emergency dental care when you can’t wait. Call for a routine appointment or if you need to be seen quickly.

Despite their small size, your teeth can cause excruciating pain. Tooth infections usually begin as a form of pulpitis, which refers to an inflamed dental pulp. If left untreated, pulpitis can develop a pocket of pus called an abscess. Eventually, the abscess can spread into your jawbone, to the rest of your mouth and even throughout your body.

At the beginning of the 20th century, studies estimated that 10 to 40 percent of tooth infections were fatal. While modern dentistry has virtually eliminated this possibility, a tooth infection is still a severe medical condition. Under no circumstance should you ignore or postpone treatment for an infected tooth. If you think a tooth may be infected and you live near Stamford, CT, visit cosmetic dental center. This inclusive practice has an expert dentist Stamford ready to treat your infected tooth.


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Tooth Infection Treatment, Wisdom Tooth & Root Canal Infection



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