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Sometimes, after undergoing surgery on your spine, you still experience lingering symptoms and continued pain. To find the cause of your discomfort, call the best spine surgeons in New Jersey at Premi
Auteur: Dr. David Wells-Roth - Geplaatst op: 25-11-2022
What To Expect from Manual TherapyWhat To Expect from Manual Therapy
Manual therapy treatment is one of the most common forms of prescribed physical therapy and it is one of the most effective. Sometimes referred to as manipulative therapy, this is a hands-on treatment
Auteur: Dr. Reema Parikh, DPT - Geplaatst op: 15-06-2022
Prenatal / Postnatal PainPrenatal / Postnatal Pain
Pregnancy physical therapy has gained in popularity over the last several years as women seek more natural methods for pain relief, easing discomfort, and enhancing the body is ability to have a smoot
Auteur: Dr. Reema Parikh, DPT - Geplaatst op: 15-06-2022
Venous Stasis UlcerVenous Stasis Ulcer
A venous stasis ulcer can be a nasty-looking open wound near your ankle. It is not usually caused by an injury, but from a leaking vein within your foot or leg. If you do not have it treated right awa
Auteur: George Bolotin - Geplaatst op: 12-08-2021
Know How Telehealth has Impacted Healthcare Scenario GloballyKnow How Telehealth has Impacted Healthcare Scenario Globall
Electronic communication has influentially penetrated in healthcare and has a great impact on patient care. It has incredibly changed the way of patient provider communication, especially telemedicine
Auteur: Lifecycle health - Geplaatst op: 03-05-2017

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