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Fracture Rehabilitation

TRi Physical Therapy of Brooklyn

Rehabilitation and recovery from a broken bone goes far beyond the cast or plate your physician uses to treat the fracture. After a period of rest, you need to regain lost function and strengthen your muscles to support vulnerable bones. And you canít rely on your ordinary workout routine to achieve optimum health.

Broken bones need time and proper care to heal. If youíre a relatively healthy adult, a fracture usually takes between six and eight weeks to heal. But this time frame depends on you following a rehab program closely. Physical therapy (PT) is meant to help you regain mobility, strength, balance and weight-bearing capabilities after a fracture.

Your physical therapist has a wide range of techniques and exercises aimed at getting you through the healing process successfully.

The most important thing is to regain the functions that allow you to do day-to-day tasks again, work effectively and play without restrictions. A good PT regimen gets you back to where you used to be in the shortest possible time.


The overall point of PT is to be able to perform your regular activities unhindered. To that end, your physical therapist may have you practice getting into and out of bed, going up and down stairs or walking for set periods of time following a broken pelvis or hip. You may need to practice walking correctly after you break bones in your foot or ankle.

Regaining mobility is the primary goal of physical therapy after a wrist fracture, so you begin by rolling, rotating and flexing your wrist. Your physical therapist helps you adjust if you needed a plate and screws to repair a broken wrist.

Youíre directed to do exercises aimed at strengthening your hands and fingers. PT for elbow fractures is particularly specialized because almost every activity involves bending your arms. Functional exercises for an elbow fracture that you got at work target the specific type of job you do every day.

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Fracture Rehabilitation



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