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Alliance Environmental Group Waste reduction Phoenix

Alliance Environmental Group

1123 E. Tonto Street 1123
85034 Phoenix

County: Maricopa, Arizona

Telephone:4803... Show phone number892492 Could you reach the company? Yes No

Fax:4804... Show fax number521905

Industry: Waste reduction

Company description

With business registrations in California, Washington, Nevada, and Arizona, Alliance Environmental Group is the go-to licensed and insured contractor for removal and remediation procedures in the United States. In our 100-plus years of operation, we have worked with local and state police departments, insurance companies, and government agencies. We also work with hospitals, commercial facilities, apartment and property management companies, and maritime facilities. Our environmental services include asbestos removal, asbestos abatement, mold remediation, and lead paint removal, and all our technicians are equipped with PPE and get regular physical checkups. We have a highly-qualified team for heavy demolition, hard demolition, and soft demolition, and use state-of-the-art, regularly inspected demolition equipment. For site clearing, we remove garden and construction debris, and dirt and salvage and recycle usable items. Our AirTek Indoor Air Solutions division is capable of handling every type of residential and commercial HVAC systems. We provide air duct cleaning http://homelyechoes.com/dryer-duct-cleaning-six-faqs-about-cleaning-and-repairing-dryer-ducts/, dryer vent cleaning, kitchen exhaust hood cleaning, power washing, and air duct repairs and replacements. We also undertake infection control for healthcare facilities with our ECU4 product line. Our team heat services provide structural pasteurization and high heat to eliminate mold, bacteria, drywood termites, bed bugs, and mites. Additionally, we have a Trauma Scene Practitioners License to handle trauma cleanup, comply with the Department of Health Services for methamphetamine lab cleanup, and undertake hoarding cleanup. For more information about our services, see https://www.alliance-enviro.com/services/environmental/mold-remediation/ & https://www.alliance-enviro.com/aeg-biohazard-service-provider/.



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Contact information of Waste reduction Company Alliance Environmental Group from Phoenix, Arizona. Call 4803892492 or e-mail [email protected] Contact Alliance Environmental Group from Phoenix they helps you with your questions concerning Waste reduction

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