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Waste Kings Junk Removal Waste reduction Austin

Waste Kings Junk Removal

Lavaca St, Suite 1400 700
78701 Austin

County: Travis, Texas

Telephone:5124... Show phone number002136 Could you reach the company? Yes No

Industry: Waste reduction

Company description

Waste Kings Junk Removal are based in Austin in Travis County, Texas, and provide waste removal services locally as well as in Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston. If you've got junk, book a pick-up with us online, and we will be over as soon as possible to make it disappear. We have a team of trained, licensed, and insured technicians, truck drivers, and franchise owner, and we know how to provide our customers with an excellent and pleasant service. After you book an appointment, we will assess the junk quantity and give you an upfront price. Two of our men, well-equipped with the necessary removal tools, will then begin hauling away the waste. As a full-service, we can undertake the removal of wood, construction waste, landscaping waste, furniture, electronics, appliances, old storage junk, construction waste, tires, and roofing scrap. That includes the large junk items that you wouldn't be able to dispose of with your regular garbage service. We have trucks with large steel boxes that can fit eight, full-sized refrigerators, so lack of space is not a problem with us. The exceptions to the junk we can take are any types of hazardous materials, since we are not licensed to carry those. Adhering to local laws and safety regulations, we have an efficient system to haul away your clutter and to clean-up too afterwards. We will also take every precaution to not damage your property in any way during the junk removal and subsequent clean-up. Furthermore, we will dispose of the junk in an environmentally responsible way by taking it to the transfer station for sorting and recycling or to the dump. For more information about our waste removal services, please visit https://www.kingsofwaste.com/ and https://www.kingsofwaste.com/what-we-do.html.



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