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FitWel Custom Clothes

11755 Wilshire Blvd #50 11755
90025 Los angeles

County: Los angeles, California

Telephone:3104... Show phone number792099 Could you reach the company? Yes No

Industry: Clothing stores

Company description

FitWel offers the finest range of custom-tailoring for the ladies and gentlemen with a taste of elegance. We have in-house tailoring workshops that have 70 master craftsmen who assemble premium quality fabrics from around the world under one roof and stitch each garment with precision. We make it a point to deliver quality hand-tailored clothes at the best prices.

At FitWel, the tailoring process is taken care of with due diligence. From cutting to sewing and stitching the clothes, we make sure the quality isn’t compromised at any of the levels. That said, the professional tailors of FitWel travel across the US to associate with those who are on the lookout for a trained tailor. Book your appointments now, or visit our showroom in Los Angeles.



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Contact information of T shirt design Company FitWel Custom Clothes from Los angeles, California. Call 3104792099 or e-mail inquiry@fitwel.com. Contact FitWel Custom Clothes from Los angeles they helps you with your questions concerning T shirt design

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