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Cost-effective Way To Send Single Serve Wine in Tubes Directly To the Consumers

Cost-effective Way To Send Single Serve Wine in Tubes Directly To the Consumers

For the time being, consumer wine tastings are no longer available due to Covid-19 pandemic. So what can the wine industry do instead to entice customers to try something new?

For most people, the only straightforward method to test before buying a glass of wine is to visit a winery or a public tasting event or purchase from a retail expert who stores a limited number of reds and whites for sampling behind a protective layer of gas. Unfortunately, these solutions need far more dedication than the ordinary wine consumer.

Cost-effective Way To Send Single Serve Wine in Tubes Directly To the Consumers

It is critical to be able to sample a wine before purchasing it, and that is now possible thanks to Wine In Tube. They're tiny, adorable, and immensely useful. The premise of Wine In Tube is simple but highly effective: provide minor quantities of wine so that customers may taste them before purchasing the 75cl bottle. Sending 100 ml samples to potential consumers rather than having them travel to a trade exhibition or mailing 75 cl bottles is more straightforward, cheaper, and more ecologically friendly.

The concept of Single Serve Wine in Tube is on its way to becoming a new wine and alcohol tasting standard. The added value of this idea is unquestionably its amount, which yet allows for exceptional wine storage. In addition, it brings up new opportunities for wine distribution, such as distributing low-cost samples and lowering transportation expenses.


1. Tasting Kit with Custom Designs

Do you have a large selection of different wines or spirits, making it difficult for your consumers to choose? It's nice to offer a diverse wine selection, but buyers frequently purchase the same, well-known brand repeatedly. To be safe, if they do test another brand, it's usually from a lesser price range. However, you would like your consumers to sample wines at various pricing levels.

In such a scenario, you are making them a pre-selection to enjoy by the glass could be an excellent idea. You can select the wines or spirits you believe are most suited based on your tastes. The wine providers put up a custom-made tasting kit in an exquisite box with the wines or spirits neatly arranged with this selection of wines or spirits. It creates an entirely different client experience since customers may taste before they buy without the danger of purchasing an expensive wine they don't even like.

2. Money Saving Way

Sending a package of 0.75 L bottles when all your consumers need is a sampling glass to pick which wines or spirits they wish to buy from you is inefficient. When placing the wine in 100 mL tubes, you may serve up to 7 consumers with a single bottle instead of just one. A 50 ml tube may be more appropriate for spirits, resulting in one bottle servicing 14 prospective clients. In this manner, you may preserve bottles of wine/spirits sent out for sampling, giving you additional bottles to sell.

When we look at the other side, the consumer's side, we can see that the advantage is enormous for him. He can purchase wines at a low price, and it allows him to offer himself a glass of wine before proceeding to the next phase, which is to buy larger containers.

3. Effective Solution for Travel Industry

It might be not easy to provide wine and spirits in the tourism sector. To be sure, there exist little 0.187 L wine bottles. However, the bottle form takes more room and weighs more than a tube. Tubes appear to be helpful in this area as well. Tubes of ready-to-serve cocktails might be a terrific addition to your beverage menu. Allow your guests to appreciate this unique experience of sipping a premium beverage while on vacation.

There are several advantages to wine in tubes, and various companies may benefit from this concept. Are you interested in the potential for your company? Contact TUBES for the most acceptable options based on your requirements.

Cost-effective Way To Send Single Serve Wine in Tubes Directly To the Consumers



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