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Home Fire Detector Safety Tips to Know

Home Fire Detector Safety Tips To Know

Installing home fire detectors helps you feel safe from a possible fire. However, do not only rely on the original detectors that came together with your house. Research has shown that with modern furnishings today, fires can spread much quicker than in the past when mainly natural materials were used. Hence, it is important to have adequate fire alarms that are located properly so as to maximize the escape time during a fire. 

Although the old rule was placing one detector on each level, homes built to former standards do not usually meet that minimum requirement. Fire detection needs have evolved over time and it is essential to take certain steps to ensure that all homes have a sufficient complement of fire alarms.

Where to Place Fire Detectors

A majority of fatal fires happen in the early morning or late at night when everyone is asleep. Therefore, it is recommended to place the smoke detectors on every level and in every bedroom that is occupied. You should also add one detector to the laundry room. However, do consider how you use your home and where higher risks lie. If your basement is refinished, do place interconnected detectors downstairs too. 

In the kitchen, install the fire detector further away from the stove so as to avoid false alarms. It is recommended to place them on the ceiling. If you have to mount the smoke detector on the wall, make sure it is installed less than 12 inches away from the ceiling to ensure that fires will be accurately detected. It is also advised to not rely too much on detectors in dusty places such as garages and attics.  

Current Technology 

A dual sensor is a combination of both photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors. Photoelectric ones are more effective at picking up smoldering and slow-building fires, such as those that are caused by a lit cigarette. On the other hand, ionization detectors are more efficient in picking up sudden combustible fires with large flames. 

To achieve the most ideal safety and protection, it is recommended to go with the dual sensor. Since you may not know what kind of fire will spark, having both detectors will give you an early warning and allow you to have sufficient time to react and take action.  

Heed Those Chirps

Home fire detectors can be very effective, but the most effective detectors in the best locations will only protect you if they are maintained properly. In cases of home fires where the fire alarms were present but not operating, many of the alarms had disconnected or missing batteries. 

As a fire detector is constantly filtering the air in your home, maintenance is extremely important. Many detectors come with a “chirping” alert to notify you when the battery is running low, so do pay attention to that. It is also recommended to change the batteries every year, test the fire detectors minimally once a month, and replace old detectors every ten years. 

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