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Integrative Treatments For Headache & Migraine Relief

Our team at Advanced Headache Center focuses on providing patients with alternative integrative treatments to achieve headache and migraine pain relief. According to the World Health Organization, headache disorders are among the most common disorders of the nervous system. Approximately 47% of the global adult population suffers from headaches. Conventional treatment of headaches often includes over the counter pain medication and prescribed narcotics. Relying on pain-killers should never be your only option for headache pain relief. Not only is it dangerous, but it is not as effective as integrative headache treatments that treat the headache and promote headache prevention. Continuous use of such medications can lead to dependency, kidney damage and gastrointestinal issues. Fortunately, our team of headache specialists is highly trained and experienced in providing alternative relief to headache sufferers. Listed below are some treatments that we offer to provide headache relief, headache prevention, and an overall improved quality of life. Read more: https://www.advancedheadachecenter.com/treatments For more information about the New York Advanced Headache Center, our doctors, or to schedule a consultation with Amr Hosny MD, please contact our headache, migraine specialists in New York City by number: 646-763-2222. Advanced Headache Center 41 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10003 646-763-2222 Web Address https://www.advancedheadachecenter.com/ email:[email protected]  Our location on the map: https://goo.gl/maps/qjau25APCCFC7rpb9 Nearby Locations: Union Square | Peter Cooper Village | Ukrainian Village | Noho | Greenwich Village 10003 | 10009, 10010 | 10012 | 10014 Keywords: headache center, headache center nyc, nyc headache center, migraine center, migraine center nyc, nyc migraine center, New York headache center, headache center New York, ny headache center, headache and pain center, headache center near me, headache specialist, headache specialist nyc, nyc headache specialist, migraine doctors, migraine doctors nyc, nyc migraine doctors, best migraine doctor, migraine relief, migraine relief nyc, cluster headache treatment, tension headache treatment, headache treatment, chronic headaches treatment

Integrative Treatments For Headache & Migraine Relief



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