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Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns ? Top Rated Cosmetic Dentist in Yonkers NY

Porcelain crowns for your teeth look natural and function just like your own teeth. A porcelain crown costs a little more than an acrylic crown, but it also lasts a lot longer. How long do porcelain crowns last? Up to 30 years, when fitted properly by a Yonkers dentists open on Sunday and Saturday. Of course, you must take care of them properly to get the most wear out of them.

Dental crowns are synthetic caps placed on your teeth to protect them. Your dentist, open on Saturday and Sunday, fits them over the top of your teeth either to strengthen them or make them look better when:

  • Protecting a cracked tooth
  • Holding an large existing filling in place
  • Repairing a broken tooth
  • Capping worn down teeth
  • Putting a cap on a tooth after a root canal
  • Finishing off a dental implant
  • Restoring a tooth from a deep hole in the tooth
  • Attaching a dental bridge or partial dentures
  • Making discolored or stained teeth look better

Porcelain crowns are dental caps, but instead of being made of acrylic, they’re made of porcelain, an ideal material to replace a tooth. The goal is to create natural-looking teeth that fit comfortably in your mouth. This doesn’t only restore your smile cosmetically; it also restores your teeth’s functionality.

When you hear about porcelain crowns, certain questions arise. First, you probably start thinking about porcelain crown costs. Once that’s settled, you probably wonder how long do porcelain crowns last?

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Porcelain Crowns



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