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How To Find A Certified Medical Marijuana Doctor & What To Expect

Recently, more and more Florida residents are qualifying for a medical marijuana card, and if you believe you may need to follow this path, you may have some questions about finding a certified marijuana doctor. This is why we at Woodstock Medicinal Doctors of Florida want to help explain what you can expect when seeking the benefits of medicinal marijuana. We have already helped many patients be on their way to their local Orlando dispensary for the prescriptions they need. If you live in Orlando, FL and have recently obtained a medical marijuana card, then this is the information for you.


Finding a Certified Doctor Right for You

When it comes to locating a certified doctor in Florida, there are websites that can be used to help users locate one. The Florida’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use website can be used to help find local physicians in Florida that have taken the state’s required certifications. You can do this by going to the “Physician’s” tab. This will give you more information on certified marijuana physicians and their certifications which may be beneficial to read up on before using the search tool given by the web page. At Woodstock Medicinal Doctors of Florida, though, we can be a great place for Orlando residents to seek assistance from a certified doctor. Remember that our doctors offer the opportunity for a medical marijuana card and a prescription, and you would need to find your local Orlando dispensary to pick up the prescription.


Things to Expect When Selecting a Marijuana Doctor

Often times, patients may expect that their doctor will ask them a short survey and swifty provide them with their medical marijuana card, but this isn’t the case. It’s important to remember that you’ll also need to go through a full medical history check and a medical examination. It’s not an in-and-out scenario, but a detailed diagnosis. Your doctor needs to learn about your condition, what you suffer from, and what’s needed to help you.


About Dr. Andy Fox

Woodstock Medicinal Doctors of Florida was founded by Dr. Andy Fox. He is a 4th generation physician and retired vascular surgeon that has since become renowned as a medical marijuana expert. His passion stemmed from his own health conditions. Several years ago, Dr. Fox suffered from chronic health problems, and after trying medical marijuana, he was able to get back onto his feet and take control of his life–something other forms of medicine weren’t able to do for him. His goal is to help others in need of the same receive the help they need.


Contact Us for More Information

Now that you know more about how to find a certified marijuana doctor in your area, and also understand what to expect when going in for your exam, you might have more questions, or want to set up an appointment. We at Woodstock Medicinal Doctors of Florida are dedicated to helping our patients manage their conditions in the safest and most beneficial way for them. For patients throughout Orlando, FL, we are here to help you. Contact us today to learn more about qualifying for a medical marijuana card and setting up an appointment. Take control of your health with our help, and you’ll be on your way to your local Orlando dispensary.

How To Find A Certified Medical Marijuana Doctor & What To Expect



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