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Why Digital Marketing Is a Solid Career Choice

Why Digital Marketing Is a Solid Career Choice

In a crowded market, businesses have to think smart and savvy if they are going to reach as many customers as possible and beat out their other competitors. This is where the power of a great marketing campaign comes in. Whether they are content campaigns, digital campaigns, or even traditional adverts, companies have a whole host of tools at their disposal that can make a huge impact and get people talking about their product.

This is where people working in digital marketing can come in to make a huge impact. Digital marketers are forward-thinking creatives who come up with out-of-the-box ideas that really make their company stand out. Ideas from digital marketers can span from non-traditional adverts to collaborative ideas to even huge PR stunts, showing just how diverse marketing can be and how it can be used to drive up cultural conversation and sales. Check out why working in digital marketing would be the right choice for you with these eleven reasons.

No Two Days Are The Same

Due to the fast-paced nature of a digital marketing role, you can expect a high level of variation in your day-to-day work. One day might be coming up with a new concept to improve the website; the second might be devising and implementing a new social media strategy; the third might be launching advertising campaigns. Digital marketers are expected to wear a variety of different hats when they start their first job, able to bridge different industries and types of marketing with ease. As a result, when you work in such a job, it never gets boring as the challenges are constantly evolving, giving you a high sense of satisfaction from completing a wide variety of different tasks.

Why Digital Marketing Is a Solid Career Choice

High Demand

As more and more companies realize that they cannot compete without some kind of online component, basically every customer-facing business has to hire someone in digital marketing to help them with their online presence. This means that there is a high demand for roles for marketers, especially when it comes to promoting a company online. While there is also a high level of applicants looking to break into the same career as well - especially as one doesn't necessarily need higher education to land a digital marketing job - you can easily get ahead by studying for a digital marketing degree. That way, when you apply for a digital marketing job, you can easily stand head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. If you are thinking about working in the industry, you should check out the online courses available in digital marketing and data analytics at Emerson college. You are never short of learning something new within this industry, and it sure helps to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Solid Salaries

The salary expectations for someone who is working within a job in digital marketing is very reasonable. The average salary for an entry-level digital marketing job is around $65,000 a year. The amount you might receive could vary, going as low as around $40,000 but up to as high as $100,000. Naturally, if you have a degree in a related subject, the salary could be even higher, especially if you have a master's as well. With everything considered, however, even the lower side of the spectrum can see you live reasonably in almost any city across the USA, making it a very attractive option for prospective employees. These salaries can also change rather significantly depending on the type of work one does within a digital marketing umbrella.

Diversity of Career Specializations

Due to the diversity of a digital marketing degree, which teaches you several different elements within the world of marketing a company online, there are a wide variety of specializations that you can go into. The different types of jobs you might expect include, but are not limited to:

  • Content Manager, writing copy for websites and social media
  • SEO Specialist, making sure that a website ranks well on Google and other search engine sites
  • User Experience Designer, optimizing the experience to best satisfy the user
  • Email Marketing Specialist, using email to gain new clients
  • Social Media Manager, promoting a company's voice through different social media platforms
  • Paid Marketing Manager, helping to optimize a company's paid marketing performance
  • Bot Developer, helping to create chatbots that meet a company's needs
  • Virtual Reality Developer, working on the forefront of virtual reality
  • Data Analyst, using data to best optimize a company's performance

The average salary for these jobs can vary wildly. While an SEO specialist might expect something around $46,000 per year, a bot developer can expect a salary over $100,000 with just an entry-level job. The trick is to find a specialization that works for you and agrees with your special interests.

Work with a Variety of People

Due to the way that a digital marketing managerial role interacts with every aspect of the business change, talking to the CEO, coders, graphic designers, content strategists, and more means that the average day will require you to work with a wide variety of people. Additionally, as more work becomes outsourced within the role, it is likely that you will be meeting lots of new people every single day in order to make sure that the company you work for is a success. As a result of this fluidity, it is expected of you to have clear and concise communication skills to get people to do their tasks on time and with the right attention to detail.

You Get to Be Creative

Digital marketing, by its very nature, is a deeply creative role, even as its being changed by AI. You have to come up with new and innovative ideas that allow your company to really stand out in a crowded market, especially when it comes to finding new customers to visit your site and interact with what you have to offer. As a result, this means that you can really think outside of the box, as it is sometimes the most interesting of ideas that truly help a company to make the biggest impact possible.

The Role is Constantly Evolving

The world of digital marketing looks completely different to what it looked like ten years ago, especially due to the way the pandemic has changed paid advertisement. When comparing it to twenty years ago, one can say that nothing looks the same when it comes to digital marketing. This is because the role is constantly evolving thanks to the rise in technology and the different ways that people interact with customers. This means that if you work in digital marketing, you always have to be on top of your toes in order to stay abreast of all of these different changes. What it also means though is that it's constantly exciting, meaning that your job might be almost completely different in ten or twenty years.

Work in a Customer Facing Role

Digital marketing is all about reaching out and getting in touch with new people that then can be converted into paying customers. This means that digital marketers are expected to work in a customer-facing role. This is quite exciting if you enjoy talking with a wide variety of people from across a variety of diverse backgrounds. Once again, this will require you to have really good communication skills and a positive attitude in order to create leads. This means that you have to combine creativity with sales skills, making it quite a challenge for first-time employees.

Potential for Remote Work

As digital marketing is a role that you can do basically from your own laptop, as more people have been doing during the past year, there is definitely the possibility to work remotely at a lot of companies in a digital marketing role. This is perfect if you enjoy working from home, a cafe, or even while traveling. Just be aware that companies are starting to realize more about people working from different cities apart from where they are based and are offering differing pay-scales, as a result, to reflect the different cost of living. That said, it can often be counterbalanced by not having to relocate, potentially saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the process.

High Level of Autonomy

Digital marketers enjoy a high level of autonomy to come up with new ideas by themselves. With this high level of autonomy comes a high level of trust from your surrounding teammates, so you may feel the pressure to produce results independently. What you have to do in this case is be clear about your expectations and targets and make sure that you meet them. This means that the role can require you to be rather flexible, going the extra mile to make sure that you have done enough to help the company's digital strategy truly succeed.

These are just ten reasons you should build a digital marketing career, but there are plenty more. If you are thinking about your future career or whether you should change it, considering the above could help you make the decision.

Why Digital Marketing Is a Solid Career Choice



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