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Venous Stasis Ulcer

A venous stasis ulcer can be a nasty-looking open wound near your ankle. It is not usually caused by an injury, but from a leaking vein within your foot or leg. If you do not have it treated right away, it can become infected, so find the best vascular specialist in Brooklyn, NY. Dr. George Bolotin is a trained expert in vein diseases and conditions. His practice, the Astra Vein Treatment Center, offers venous ulcer treatments specific to your condition. Call today for an appointment. What Is a Venous Stasis Ulcer? A skin ulcer manifests as an open wound that heals slowly. The healing period for a venous ulcer can last anywhere from weeks to even years. Worse perhaps is that, if the underlying condition is not treated, the ulcer can become a recurring problem. Other known problems associated with a venous stasis ulcer include: A venous stasis ulcer often develops on the side of the lower leg, around your ankle. This creates problems in mobility that can impact your quality of life. Older women, especially African American women over the age of 40, are at a higher risk of developing the condition. Open wounds or sores must be diagnosed and treated immediately to prevent infection and escalation. Because the cause is often a circulation problem, you need to see a vascular specialist rather than a dermatologist. The Astra Vein Treatment Center  in Brooklyn, New York comes highly recommended. Dr. George Bolotin is a top Interventional Radiologist with years of experience treating vascular diseases and ulcers. He performs procedures that include: Endovenous laser ablation Endovenous radiofrequency ablation Sclerotherapy for spider veins Ambulatory phlebotomy Read more: https://www.astraveinvascular.com/venous-stasis-ulcer Working Hours: Monday: 9am-6pm Tuesday: 9am-6pm Wednesday: 9am-6pm Thursday: 9am-6pm Friday: 9am-6pm Saturday: Closed Sunday: Closed Payment: cash, check, credit cards. Astra Vein Treatment Center 4209A Ave U, Brooklyn, NY 11234 (718) 222-0225 https://www.astraveinvascular.com Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/QEnnotqxPgcHbxu56 Nearby Locations: Sheepshead Bay | Madison | Marine Park | Old Mill Basin | Mill Basin 11235, 11223, 11224 | 11229 | 11234 Keywords: veins treatment center, veins treatment center in Brooklyn, Brooklyn veins treatment center, vein specialist, vein specialist in Brooklyn, Brooklyn vein specialist, best vein doctors, best vein doctors in Brooklyn, Brooklyn best vein doctors, varicose veins removal, varicose veins removal in Brooklyn, Brooklyn varicose veins removal, vein treatment, vein treatment in Brooklyn, Brooklyn vein treatment, phlebectomy, phlebectomy Brooklyn, phlebectomy in Brooklyn, hand vein treatment, hand vein treatment Brooklyn, hand vein treatment in Brooklyn

Venous Stasis Ulcer



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