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Quirky Online Entertainment Options

Quirky Online Entertainment Options

There is no doubt that the internet changed the way people go about their lives. Things now are much different than they were in the 1990s. Fewer people zone out staring at walls in boredom. That has grown to become a thing of the past. Now, everyone has their heads down, looking at their phone screens in moments of dullness, killing time in banal ways.

Thankfully, the internet offers a vast array of entertainment options that go beyond stalking people on social media and mindless watching of videos on YouTube. Those looking to try something unique that requires their undivided attention should read on, as we list a few activities that many people have not considered but are for sure worth a try.

Watch a Stage Play or an Opera Online

Yes, you no longer have to go to a theater to watch a play or visit an opera house to take in a Giuseppe Verdi masterpiece. Nowadays, you can get your dose of high-brow culture from anywhere. Sans watching professionally filmed plays and musicals on streaming services such as Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and BroadwayHD, you can also enjoy similar level productions for free. Local theaters may provide live feeds of some of their performances on their websites, while many big-name venues like London's Royal Opera House have opened up their video archives for fans. It is now more of a question of having the desire to enjoy this sort of entertainment than it is a monetary issue.

Play Slots at an Online Casino

Online gambling showed up five years after the internet went live. It quickly grew into an activity that people from all corners of the globe enjoy, as it features pretty much the same games available at land-based venues. Gambling platforms even allow the opportunity for players to go up against dealers via video feeds and test their luck on a wide range of classic table games. Those who have been curious to try this pastime but do not want to go through tedious sign-up procedures can visit https://www.onlinecasinocanucks.com for more information. These are gaming platforms that host the same products as regular online casinos, with the caveat that they do not require users to sign-up to enjoy them en route to real money prizes. No account casinos use Trustly's Pay N Play system to make this happen, and they are as robust as any other brand operator out there.

Explore Space From Home

In the past, only a select few had the privilege to explore the wonders of space. However, now, thanks to modern technology and NASA, anyone can discover the wonders of the universe via their smartphone. NASA at Home is a new social media and internet program that brings many of the agency's discoveries and research to anyone willing to absorb them. Interested parties can do so via binge-watching archived videos, listening to podcasts, reading engaging e-books, going on virtual and augmented reality tours, playing educational games, and more. By the time users go through this slew of resources, they will have upped their science knowledge ten-fold.

Play Google Maps Games

Most people love puzzle games, brain-ticklers if you will. Those that believe that they have exhausted their options when it comes to this genre need to think again, as such a thing as Google Map puzzle games exist. It should come as no surprise that some creative minds would find a way to put an entertaining spin on a vast resource such as Google Maps/Street View. GeoGuessr is likely the most famous of these games. It began as a web app that challenges users to pinpoint locations on a map based on random Street View images. Accurate guesses lead to points that move players up GeoGuessr standings. Pursuit, Smarty Pins, Map Race, and MapsTD are a few other options worth exploring in this internet gaming genre.

Learn Pottery Online

Internet education is a booming sector that should pull in annual revenues of up to $319 billion by 2025. People can learn pretty much anything online nowadays. One hobby that everyone knows about but few have tried is pottery. Despite popular belief, this is a super-diverse practice that can be very relaxing and fulfilling. Given that pottery equipment is not cheap, beginners can try air dry clay or bake their creations in their home ovens. There are hundreds of pottery courses online available on platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, and Lynda.com. However, cheaper alternatives are Twitch and YouTube pottery streams available for free.

Quirky Online Entertainment Options



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