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Osseous Surgery

Osseous Surgery (alternatives, recovery) ? Top Rated Dentist in Brooklyn Dr. Dekhtyar

Osseous surgery can help you overcome serious gum disease before you lose your teeth. There are a few osseous surgery alternatives, but they’re most effective before periodontal disease worsens. When you visit an experienced dentist in Brooklyn, your osseous surgery recovery is quick and relatively painless. While the osseous flap surgery and osseous bone surgery sound intimidating, they are minor procedures that can be done in the Broadway Family Dental office in no time at all. Recovery only takes a couple days, and then you can resume your normal oral home care to prevent any surgical procedures in the future.

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What is osseous surgery?

Once periodontal disease begins to weaken your gum tissue, it can start to separate ever so slightly from your teeth. If left untreated, this can cause deep pockets to form around the roots of your teeth. Since these pockets are too deep for you to properly clean at home with brushing and flossing, they can eventually lead to deep decay and tooth loss.

If you haven’t visited your dentist in more than six months for a cleaning, it’s possible your periodontal disease has already advanced beyond treatment by non-surgical methods. In this case, osseous flap surgery is an option. Osseous flap surgery is a form of deep cleaning that promotes good oral health and strengthens your gum tissue.


More info: https://www.broadwayfamilydentalpc.com/periodontal-services/osseous-surgery/

Osseous Surgery



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