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Top Business Accountant ? Business Accounting Service, NYC & Queens, NY

Business accountant in NYC, Paul Miller is an expert at every level of business accounting is dedicated to the fine art of customer service. Your best rated business accounting team in NYC or Queens keeps you informed on an ongoing basis. Expect your business CPA at Miller & Company a top business accounting service company to go beyond a simple annual review — because your satisfaction isn’t based on a once-a-year report. It’s an ongoing process: for you, your business and your life.


Business Accounting Service by Top 100 accounting & business consulting firm in NYC. International practice experts with over 25 years of accounting and consulting experience.

Your business plays an integral part in your life. It provides the independence you seek to live your life fully. Your business defines how you see yourself and how the world views you. It allows you to support and grow a solid, stable home and family. It supports employees and their families, while also serving an important role in your community. That’s an enormous responsibility.

Just as your business provides the source of your wealth, your accounting decisions should take into consideration every aspect of your dreams, your goals and your life. With personal Business Accounting Service, business CPA who take a holistic view of your financial affairs, you can relax and enjoy your prosperity. You’ve earned it!


As experienced and formidable business consultants, Miller & Company CPAs serve all your interests. As your personal business accounting service accountants, they ensure that all your interests are protected. Accounting for your life means that both your business and personal finances can’t be completely separated — on paper, yes; in planning, no. Together, when properly managed, your resources bring both personal accomplishment and business success.

Through detailed certified audits, your personal business NYC CPA provide you with a realistic portrait of your finances, as well as advice on how to make better use of your resources. By relying on generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), you receive reports that guide your strategic planning and lead to even greater profits.

Tax problems? It’s possible that the IRS has wrongfully assigned a liability to you or assessed you incorrectly. Only the best tax resolution services companies can review and deal with the IRS to resolve this issue to provide a tax relief help you need.


Truly exceptional Business Accounting Service by your accountants don’t separate your business finances for your personal wealth. One without the other is like trying to zip up a coat that has buttons. It won’t get you complete closure. When you hire a top business accountant who can see the big picture, you get solutions-oriented accounting, not just lists of numbers. You get honest business advice that you can follow to best use the resources you have on hand and turn them into even greater assets.

For example, if you need to file self-employment taxes, your returns fare much better if you have a New York business accountant on your side who also understands the machinations of industry. Miller & Company business accountants works with every aspect of small business accounting and bookkeeping. With that expertise clearly in hand, your personal business CPA know the best route for you to take to manage your personal finances.


Miller & Company business CPAs and accountants specialize in serving wealthy business owners. They provide you the tools and plans to make every aspect of your business and personal lives jive together. Streamlined statements clearly point out which aspects of your business are valuable and what needs to go.

Working Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm; Saturday, Sunday: Closed.

Payment: cash, check, credit cards.


Miller & Company LLP,

Midtown Manhattan, NY

274 Madison Ave, Suite 402,

New York, NY 10016

+1 (646)-865-1444


Top Business Accountant ? Business Accounting Service, NYC & Queens, NY



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