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Top Reasons Why Glass Shower Doors Are a Great Choice

No matter what type of bathtub, custom shower, or shower tub combination we have there is the constant struggle to decide if we want shower curtains or we want to upgrade to glass showers doors. Glass shower doors are a great choice for a number of reasons. They may cost a little more but the advantages will be worth the extra price you have to pay for the glass shower doors. Perhaps you are in the middle of remodeling your bath (read also:7 Essential Shower Design Tips for Your Ideal Bathroom) or constructing a new shower and it is time to make the decision about what type of materials you want to use to keep your shower safe, watertight and secure. We will look at some of the reasons why glass shower doors will make a great choice.

Look of Elegance

Glass shower doors can be designed in many different ways. Not only can you add a personal touch to these doors they will also give you a more open feeling to your shower. There are countless shower glass door design ideas for you to choose. You can have a design etched into your glass as well as choosing clear or opaque glass. In some cases you can choose a tinted color for your glass doors to even add a greater touch of elegance. Pair your glass choices up with many different shower hardware choices for your hinges, handles and towel racks(read about choosing the right bathroom and shower fixtures) to create the elegant look you are looking for. Remember your personal touch is what matters to you.

Shower Doors Maintenance

If you are looking for a long lasting solution for your shower enclosures, then glass is the choice for you. (Learn also why you should use glass shower enclosure). Glass will not deteriorate and become brittle over time like shower curtains and fiberglass doors will. Glass will provide you with a lifetime of performance. The only drawback that you will find is the buildup of soap residue on the glass. Depending on the type of water you have this can easily be taken care of with a combination of vinegar and water. You can combine this mixture and spray it on your glass shower doors. After you spray this mixture you will then turn your shower on allowing it to steam up inside the shower. After it is steamed up you just simply take a rag and wipe the soap residue away from the shower doors.

Any Size

This is one great option that glass shower doors will provide. They can be cut to any size to fit your shower opening. Glass shower doors can be made to any size to fit your custom made showers. The versatility of glass can be used to your advantage in this case. Glass shower doors can be used in sliding applications as well as showers that require hinged openings. The hinges can be placed for operation in any direction your installation requires. This type of shower door is very versatile and can be used in almost any shower and tub situation that arises. Be sure to check with your local glass contractor to see how glass doors can be a great choice for your shower applications. For more information visit www.skywindowsnj.com.

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Top Reasons Why Glass Shower Doors Are a Great Choice



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