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Sending Bulk Emails: Quick Tips and Tricks For Success

Focus: Sending bulk emails

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So, your business has finally started getting traction. You have started to get mass leads, and even better, you can even talk to them- by simply sending bulk emails.

But have you ever launched an email campaign to your subscriber list and got no response? Or have you ever wondered whether your emails were opened or were just marked as spam?

Well, we all have emails that we don’t read, ignore, or immediately delete altogether!

So there are chances that your email is not even catching your audience eye. As long as you are not a being part of email blast or spam, it’s time that you maximize the potential of your campaigns. According to research by Direct Marketing Association, email campaigns generate an ROI of 4300% and are 40X more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined.

Whether you are new to sending bulk emails or are a seasoned pro, this article will walk you through the quick tips and tricks for a winning e-mail campaign.

Personalize Your Mass Email Campaigns

Personalized emails improve click-through rates and also increase the conversions at a significant pace.

Don’t jump on forcing the familiarity with the customer! Instead, send the email that acknowledges the individuality of a subscriber like his purchase history or something that is part of his wish list/cart. For example: placing the customer’s name in your email shows a little importance, but personalizing it according to recipient’s specific details always showcases an extra effort.

Also, make sure that you follow the below tips before you start sending bulk emails:

  • Send mass emails only to your subscriber list as untargeted emails are simply marked as spam.
  • Be honest about your campaigns.
  • Whenever you are sending bulk emails, optimize them for all devices so that the users can read the emails according to their convenience.


Do Not Understate The Power Of Subject Lines

Your subject line should be something that prompts them to click on an email or intrigues them on knowing more. It is the first chance that you can use to connect with your potential customers.

When it comes to writing that perfect subject line, make sure you use those 60-70 characters wisely. According to a research, 900 emails were tracked, and it was found that there is no increase in the CTR at the character length of 60 and 70. So, subject lines that come up as most beneficial should lie below 50 characters.

“Short, Catchy, and Beneficial”!

  • Shorter subject lines are less likely to cut-off and hence get a higher response rate from the customer.
  • Personalize the subject line! Not by adding the brand name, but by adding the email recipient first or the last
  • Don’t include words like Free, Cash, and other trigger words.

And never write the subject line in CAPITALS.

Focus On The Overall Email Design

Even the most promoted email campaigns don’t show effective results if it does not display properly. No matter which email sending software you use or what you are offering, email design will always be of utmost importance.

Whenever you are sending emails in bulk, make sure that your images are displayed properly, and the content is optimized according to all devices. And if you are not sure of the design, stick to tables or cells with all styles in line.

It is not about how email marketing campaign look. But it is all about how it is actually performing!

  • The email should load easily.
  • Send emails without spam.
  • It should be readable, and the design should not be complex to browse.

Don’t make them jump through a lot of steps for easy navigation. Simply follow a minimalistic structure, and you will definitely see the success rates go up.

Also, did you know that there are 95% of customers opt to get their favorite brand emails as they find them useful?

Send Emails On A Prime Time

The prime time for sending bulk emails is from 08:00 PM to midnight. This time block not only gives better open rates but also positively impacts the clicks and sales.

Moreover, Saturdays and Sundays also work in favor of the email campaigns.

The volume of email sent on weekends and evenings is quite low and allow your messages to stand out. But do not stay at any one-time block.

Different time slots work according to the different business and their target audiences. So keep testing and figure out when your target opens the e-mail and responds to it.

You can also experiment with unusual subject lines, email design and call to action at different time slots and find out what works for you.

47% Of The Emails Are Opened On Mobile Devices

With that being stated, it is essential that you optimize the email so that it works effectively on mobile devices.

Be it your design, images, or content; make sure that the email looks it best, no matter where it is read. Quick tips for optimizing it for mobiles are:

  • Reduce the font size. Large characters take up the entire screen and make the email difficult to read.
  • Make sure that the call to action buttons are 44 pixels tall and 44 pixels wide.
  • Your email should follow the basic one column template as it is easy to navigate and read.
  • There are users who scroll with their thumbs, so it is best to keep the clickable elements in the middle of the screen.


Final Thoughts:

Email Marketing is an undeniably a fundamental element of any marketing strategy. It has both high retention and acquisition rates and definitely serves as an effective way to boost your business.

So with hundreds and thousands of emails sent out every day to millions of subscribers, take heart the above tips and stand out of the crowd in no time.

Don’t forget to measure the results regularly to make sure that you are on the right track.




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