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Preparing the Basement of Your New Home

Preparing the Basement of Your New Home

Prevention of damage remains the best way to maintain the value of your home. Whether you purchase a used home or build a new one, prepare the basement before you move in. Get an inspection to find out if you have water damage before waterproofing. Once you confirm a dry basement, you can get started with waterproofing and landscaping. Proper landscaping on your property can help keep excess water away from your home. Preparation of your basement can protect your home for many years.

Preparing the Basement of Your New Home


Before you purchase a new home, schedule a thorough inspection of the property. A professional can find problems with the basement and foundation so you can get proper repairs. During a home inspection, the representative may look for cracks in the walls or floors. They may also look for sticking doors and water damage. Information from an inspection can also help you negotiate pricing on a home.


Before you move into a home with a basement, schedule a basement waterproofing in Huntsville Alabama. Waterproofing in a basement helps prevent humidity, mold, and water damage. Moisture can easily enter through the small pores in the cement walls and floors of a basement. Damp soil or inclement weather can contribute to the problem. Many people also use their basements for laundry and food storage. Good ventilation and waterproofing can help prevent damage from appliances that produce condensation, such as dryers and refrigerators.


Your landscaping can cause problems for your basement in some cases. Plantrees at least 15 feet from your home. This action gives the roots space to grow without disrupting your foundation. Flower beds add a nice touch to the front yard, however, they can also cause problems with your soil if you do not take good care of them.

Plants take water from the dirt. If your soil becomes too dry or too wet, your foundation may shift, causing damage to your home. You can minimize soil disruption by watering your plants regularly with the proper amount of water. You can also plant flowers and shrubs that work well with your soil type.


Your yard should slope away from the house so water does not collect near your home. Standing water can cause severe problems in homes with basements. Drainage problem on your property may indicate a foundation complication, as well. When maintaining your landscaping, check your gutters. Gutters often become clogged with debris. When water cannot follow the path to the drain pipe, it may spill over the side of the gutter. This leaves your basement at risk for water exposure.

Your new basement waterproofing can last up to 10 years. A finished basement with quality waterproofing can raise the value of your home. Many families also enjoy the extra living space a basement provides. Basements work well for guest rooms, entertainment rooms, and kid's playrooms. A damp basement can cause damage to the entire home. Water can seep in and contribute to mold and rotting wood. Waterproof your basement to enjoy a clean and healthy space for many years.

Preparing the Basement of Your New Home



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